Transformations and breath

Transforming and showing up

We all have things in our lives that are important to us. Universal things include peace, freedom, and human dignity. It’s the added bits that help us grow and expand. Making a contribution, helping others, brightening the world – these are some of the most important to me. These guiding north stars help in transforming and showing up.

Building on the important things requires courage and action. So (after BEing with Jin Shin Jyutsu for 8+ years), I’ve taken 36 breaths and jumped in with both feet to offer Jin Shin Jyutsu to a wider audience. This action aligns with my values and experience of Jin Shin Jyutsu and how it can transform our lives. Of course, I deeply know how this art helps improve our lives. Similarly, I know that it helps other people. And these things are so important, especially in current times.

In 2020 we’ve had so many challenges here in Ireland and throughout the world – challenges to health, emotional resilience, economy, and relationships. We’ve faced serious health issues with the global pandemic. Our emotional resilience has been challenged and sometimes depleted. Economic security decreased since we’re not moving about in our work life the same way. Our connections with others have changed and, in some cases, suffered.

Initially, the start of 2020 seemed to be the worst time for a new acupressure practice. After all, Jin Shin Jyutsu is a light touch therapy, and since we’re keeping 2 metres apart – face-to-face sessions are out. Without face-to-face sessions, there needs to be new ways to ease stress, anxiety, tensions, and other difficulties for people.

Gradually as 2020 went on, I explored alternatives and their benefits. Some key questions that drove my exploration included: What might things look like in 2020 and beyond? How could I actively transform my understandings? What new ways could I show up for others with this art? How could my dream practice survive and thrive during this time?

The universe speaks in many ways through many people. We need to be open to new ideas and be inventive. New connections with people online are amazing – both here in Ireland and in other countries. There’s been more time than ever to deepen my understanding of Jin Shin Jyutsu. This year has held so many new opportunities to learn new skills.

We’re still in COVID-19 restrictions and, yet, I feel as though I’ve come out on the other side of the dark challenges. Currently, I’m so grateful for 2020’s silver lining: positive outcomes for challenges since the pandemic’s beginning. To review, these challenges are health, emotional resilience, economics, and relationships. Health has become an even greater concern for people – and we are taking a more active role in their lives. Improved resilience through new connections and from shared challenges. Economics have improved for some, not for others . Yet, I find greater clarity about my needs and my wants. I have what I need, and I want fewer material things. Relationships – do we value them enough? My appreciation for loved ones and friends has grown immeasurably.

Amazing that we can make connections in new ways until we can physically touch again. As we make these connections, it offers new opportunities for transforming and showing up.

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